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6 Types Of HR Report And Understand Their Importance:

An HR report is a strategic tool for monitoring processes in People Management. Understand its importance and learn about the main reports of the Human Resources sector.As a strategic sector, HR needs to invest and monitor the most varied processes in People Management.

In order to ensure the efficiency of its operation and provide leadership with information, the HR report is an important strategic tool.

Thus, created from the collection of data, the HR report provides managers with an analytical view of their investments in the organization’s human capital. In order to present the results and deficiencies of the processes in People Management.

As a result, decisions become more assertive and the company’s strategic planning is efficiently carried out.In addition, it provides the integration of different sectors, through the presentation of relevant data and information.

Therefore, through the presentation of metrics and data, it is essential for monitoring the organizational environment and highlighting the performance of the work performed.

The most varied types of HR reports provide different data and allow an efficient monitoring of this data. Get to know these types of HR reports and their importance now.

1 – Recruitment And Selection Report

HR report with recruitment and selection information are important for checking the efficiency of these processes.

Based on the data from these reports, it is possible to analyze the tools that are used for this purpose and check what needs to be adjusted.

From their elaboration, it is also possible to identify the best practices in attracting, selecting and retaining talent in the organization.

2 – Training And Development Report

A Training and Development HR report presents data regarding training and development plans.

They provide clear information about the technologies used, their use and training results.

Its advantage lies in the presentation of information that helps the human resources sector and managers to define development plans that contribute to the formation of a high-performance team.

3 – Performance Report

In order to provide the identification of situations that impact the productivity of the team, the HR performance report presents relevant information captured through performance evaluations and climate research.

It does not seek to rank employees according to individual performance. But provide the organization with information that allows it to develop strategies to produce employee engagement, development and satisfaction.

This is a report that takes into account the data collection through the use of HR software used for organizational evaluations.

4 – Digital Transformation And Innovation Report

A human resources sector that invests in the implementation and use of technologies in its processes, walks towards the company’s strategies.

In this sense, an HR report that presents digital transformation metrics makes it possible to measure its innovative capacity.

With it, it is possible to survey the technologies used and build a path of digital transformation, capable of impacting all processes and optimizing the results in People Management.

5 – Organizational Communication Report

Measure the use of communication channels and their effectiveness for the team. This is very important for the organization to understand how it can act to ensure that its internal communication channels are used in a profitable and assertive way.

In this way, an HR report that includes these data and metrics helps the company move towards a more transparent organizational environment. And in this sense, increase the level of trust of your employees in their managers and peers.

6 – Cost Report

Anyway, this is an extremely important HR report for this sector.Understanding how financial resources are being used within the organization in terms of human capital brings several benefits.

In addition, it supports the future actions of the human resources sector, it is possible to know how this sector has used financial investment and where it needs to direct more investment.

In addition, of course, to clarify for the organization the importance of employee satisfaction, through the presentation of costs with turnover and absenteeism.

What Does It Take To Put Together A Strategic HR Report?

Every HR report needs to present data that guide the organization in decision making.For this, it is necessary to pay attention to some points, which transform a simple report into a strategic tool for the company.

Keep In Mind The Purpose Of The HR Report

Setting a clear goal for him will make your setup more practical. Since this way, it is possible to establish what information will be needed and what the structure of the report will be.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

HR software is excellent automation tools for generating reports. Through the data already existing in the system, it is possible to generate more complete HR reports with a lower error rate.

Define What Information Is Relevant

The human resources sector receives and handles the most diverse information. But not all this information and data is relevant to the company’s strategic positioning. In this sense, it is important to select and classify data according to its ability to influence the best decisions of the company.

Do The Data Crossing

A strategic HR report provides a comparison with previous data. In this way, it is possible to monitor what has changed, at what speed and where greater investment is needed by the organization and managers.

Accessibility And Clarity Of Information

There is no point in generating a promising report if it is not accessible in your language. It must be taken into account that an HR report needs to achieve the objective of proposing efficient changes. But if its interpretation requires managers to have specific technical knowledge of HR, they will hardly be able to implement effective actions.

Invest In A Good Presentation

for an HR report to be efficient we need to present it dynamically. Investing in infographics, animations and images will make your understanding simpler. In this sense, it will be easier to build ideas that provide significant changes.


Finally, an HR report should not be seen as an accountability to the company.Its purpose is to collect and present data that impact organizational processes and guide top management decision making.

In this sense, it is important that the human resources sector understand its objectives and use the technology at its disposal to present a strategic report. With this, the human resources sector guarantees a performance of great relevance for the growth of the organization.

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