How to managing remote team and employees engaged

Managers and employees alike are adjusting to working managing remote team and communicating from their computers. For managers, awareness has become the number one challenge and key to managing remote teams, meaning remote performance monitoring, collaboration, morale, and more. COVID-19 has forced more and more employees to work remotely. And while flexible working strategies have ... Read More

Remote team management

We have main challenges and tips of remote team management. With the digital transformation and the advances observed in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation and communication technology, remote work has become a reality for companies around the world. This movement intensified with the COVID-19 pandemic, in which many companies were forced to adopt this work model. ... Read More

5 Performance Management Trends For 2022:

The digital transformation Management , accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has changed consumer relations and placed companies on a new level of technological evolution from which they can no longer return.More and more companies adhere to the infinite technology solutions created to optimize business processes, which are more dynamic, customer-focused, and based on sustainability and ... Read More